NIRVANA: MTV Live And Loud – Seattle, 1993 (Show Completo, 1h 16 min)

nirvana-live-and-loudNirvana – MTV Live And Loud – Seattle, 1993 (Full Concert) DVD

0:00 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
4:47 Drain You
8:30 Breed
11:46 Serve the Servants
15:09 Rape Me
17:49 Sliver
20:08 Pennyroyal Tea
24:47 Scentless Apprentice
28:41 All Apologies
32:38 Heart-Shaped Box
38:42 Blew
43:05 The Man Who Sold the World
47:40 School
50:31 Come As You Are
54:16 Lithium
59:14 About a Girl
1:02:03 Endless, Nameless
1:10:12 (stage destruction begins)

 P.S. Confiram também um artigo que escrevi aos 20 anos do suicídio de Kurt Cobain, de nariz afundado em livros sobre o cara e sobre a banda que encontrei na Toronto Public Library, em 2014: It’s better to burn out than to fade away (em inglês)Em breve, pretendo traduzi-lo, aprimorá-lo e republicá-lo por aqui. Um trecho:

He violently departed from us, 20 years ago, in April 1994, by blowing his brains out with a shotgun on his 1-million-dollar mansion, chez lui on Trigger-Happy America. When he chose suicide as a way-out-of-the-Samsarian-mess, his daughter Frances was 20 months old and couldn’t possibly understand anything about the struggles of a heroin addict with his condition as an international pop-superstar. Singing as if he was a tree rooted in dark angry soil, his voice seemed to arise from an abyss of suffering, especially located in an intense point of pain inside his belly. That invisible wound made tremendously audible by his music rang so true and filled with authenticity, in an era of poseurs and fakers and hair-metal yuppie cowshit. Lester Bangs once wrote that “expression of passion was why music was invented in the first place”, and Cobain also seemed to believe in this – and he wasn’t ashamed to put his “dark” emotional side, from depression and paranoia to sociophobia and alienation, to craft the punk-rock hymns that turned him unwillingly into The Spokesman Of A Generation. Extraordinarily capable of expressing his feelings, Cobain’s heart poured out of himself like lava from a volcano, letting us peek through a sonic keyhole into the labyrinths of an anguished life seeking release and craving for pain to end.

Patti Smith (♥) Live at Montreux, 2005 [Full Concert]

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