ARCADE FIRE – Everything Now (2017) – Conheça o novo álbum da banda canadense: download na íntegra, 4 videos-clipes, seleção de matérias e reviews etc.

ARCADE FIRE – Everything Now (2017)
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N.º Título Duração
1. “Everything_Now (Continued)” 0:46
2. Everything Now 5:03
3. “Signs of Life” 4:36
4. Creature Comfort 4:43
5. “Peter Pan” 2:48
6. “Chemistry” 3:37
7. “Infinite Content” 1:37
8. “Infinite_Content” 1:41
9. “Electric Blue” 4:02
10. “Good God Damn” 3:34
11. “Put Your Money on Me” 5:53
12. “We Don’t Deserve Love” 6:29
13. “Everything Now (Continued)” 2:22
Duração total:


DIY (By Will Richards): Arcade Fire’s fourth album, 2013’s ‘Reflektor’, saw the Canadians truly push the boundaries of their band for the first time. The James Murphy-produced epic of world-weary disco gave them a whole new lease of life. This time around, with follow-up ‘Everything Now’, they’ve taken the reinvention even further.

The album’s title track and first single opens with an Abba-lite piano riff while Win Butler muses on a culture of instant gratification. The song is an earworm, though, soon becoming irresistible. ‘Signs Of Life’ is similarly instant, incorporating pals LCD Soundsystem’s propulsive dance punk into a repetitive lyric that reads like a brilliantly apocalyptic nursery rhyme.



(…) When ‘Everything Now’ clicks, it’s magical,  the band as cohesive and dynamic as ever. When pockets of the record feel more like an inside joke that could take time to cotton onto, there’s a sense that Arcade Fire’s urgent desire for, well, everything now, could be a leap too far. Their ambition is never in doubt though, and ‘Everything Now’ brings some of their most sky-reaching moments yet.



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